Chicken care


Chickens do not have many problems as long as they are properly fed and kept in a clean and airy hut. They are better kept with chickens of a similar age as older birds can bully younger birds.

It is always best to have straw or wood shavings on the floor and in the nest boxes of your hut. Chickens don't mind the cold but they don't like draughts.


We usually sell birds at around 18 weeks old, just before they start laying at 20-22 weeks. Chickens usually lay well for 2 to 3 years and then decline, laying fewer and poorer quality eggs. All our chickens sold are fully vaccinated.

We recommend layers meal, and small quantities of mixed corn (not barley), but chickens love cabbage and lettuce leaves for a treat.

Red mite is something to beware of, but if huts are clean and treated with the proper powder it is easily overcome.

Red mite treatment

Chicken keeping products

We sell everything you'll need to keep your chickens, and can offer advice on what's best. Here iss a selection of what's on offer (click on each for larger image).

First time chicken keeper?

Chickens are easy to look after and very rewarding. We've written some advice for first-time chicken keepers: download our handy information page here. If you've got any questions about your new chickens we'll always be happy to answer.

Manor Farm poultry team