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Welcome to Manor Farm, Leasingham. Our farm shop caters for poultry keepers and gardeners, and we have an extensive range of bedding plants, poultry and animal feed stuffs.

We also have an onsite butchers who sell mostly locally sourced meat, along with our famous Lincolnshire sausage and homemade burgers.

We are a family business and we take great pride in welcoming all our customers.


Our new cafe and restaurant, The Ploughman's Barn, is now open!


Chickens for sale

We have limited stock at the moment, please check our Facebook page regularly for latest sales details.

Manor Farm Poultry sells hundreds of chickens a year to both first-time and veteran poultry keepers. We specialise in the well-tempered and hardy Ross Lohmann breed.

We can deliver chickens to you (any number between 6 and 600!) at a reasonable rate within 80 miles of the farm, or you can collect orders direct from our farm. Discounts are available on large orders.

We also sell everything you'll need to look after your chickens day-to-day. Take a look at our chicken care page.


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Our history

Our farm business began in 1933, started by Mrs P. Franks who ran Manor Farm until 1956 when her son Mr Brian Franks took over (although he had already been helping for several years).

During the war, one of his jobs before going to school was to take the day's deliveries to Sleaford Station on a pony and trap, for onward delivery to customers. In those days, the cost of a pullet was 15/- (75p) with half a crown per crate for the railway.

The business grew and prospered throughout the 60's and into the 70's when farming practice started to change, with everything becoming more intensive. The business continued by selling in smaller numbers to gardeners and allotment keepers, and building the trade sales up to the present day.

Mr Brian Franks passed away in 2017 and the farm is now run by his son, Jonathan, and his small team of helpers. We offer help and support to first time keepers and advice to anybody who has any queries.